Sewer Inspections in Orangevale

Early Detection in Sacramento County

If you suspect a leak or other issue with your sewer line, it’s critical that you find the source as soon as possible. Early detection of leaks is crucial to minimizing damages and inflated monthly costs. Our expert sewer inspections in Orangevale can help you find the precise location of the issue so your plumbers don’t have to dig up the entire system. Empire Leak Detection has years of experience in the industry working for residential and commercial applications, so you know the source of your plumbing problems.

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Advantages of Video Inspections

Sewer cameras are used to monitor pipes in hard-to-reach areas like under your foundation or near the street. These cameras are connected to a long, flexible wire to navigate your pipes easily. Our team watches the video as it moves through your system to gauge the condition of your pipes, the issue, and its exact location. 

Benefits of sewer camera inspections include:

  • Non-invasive: Typically, a video inspection requires little to no digging, unlike other solutions that require your whole yard to be upheaved. This lets you find the leak’s location so your plumbers can dig up the damaged area without the rest of the pipes.
  • Timely: With fewer digging and labor requirements, sewer camera inspections are fast. It also prevents guesswork that could take multiple tries before the issue is found.
  • Affordable: Locating leaks with outdated techniques like digging is a costly, lengthy process that often requires services like landscaping after the leak is found and repaired. You can prevent this cost with our quick and simple video inspections. 
  • Preventative maintenance: You should schedule annual pipe inspections to monitor the corrosion and strength of your sewer line. This allows early detection of costly leaks and other issues.

Empire Leak Detection provides expert sewer inspections in Orangevale so you can catch issues early on and provide an exact location for your plumbers to repair. Let us save you money with this preventative maintenance technique.

What Is Tracer Testing & How Does it Help?

Tracer testing is a method that uses hydrogen gas to find a leak without damaging your home, yard, or the environment. A non-toxic gas is inserted into your pipe where it will escape the leak opening. Since hydrogen is lighter than air, it will move through the ground and be detected with our scanner.

This top-tier technology allows us to find the precise location of your leak so other plumbers can provide the necessary services to fix the issue without completely uprooting your sewer line. Tracer gas is beneficial for potential leaks in your sewer system because it is hard to reach and detect.

Tracer gas leak detection is unlike traditional techniques that dig up your yard and cause havoc. Instead, this method is timely, safe, and eco-friendly, so you can avoid destroying your outdoor space and paying for the labor and costs associated with excavating your sewer line. Our expert sewer inspections in Orangevale pair well with tracer gas to visualize and locate your issues quickly. Trust the professionals at Empire Leak Detection as soon as you suspect a leak in your plumbing.

Count on the team that has been serving our community for years! Call us today at (916) 318-5185 for an appointment.

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