Gas Line Location in Orangevale

Preventing System Damage in Sacramento County

Your gas line is usually a critical system in your home that provides energy to your space used for appliances like your stove or water heater. When this system is damaged, it can create a dangerous situation, as gas leaks are not always easily identifiable. Empire Leak Detection is a team with over 16 years of experience in this industry, helping our community stay safe with knowledgeable and highly accurate gas line location in Orangevale. Don’t risk damage or illnesses caused by a gas leak when we can prevent this problem today.

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What Happens if I Hit a Buried Gas Line?

Gas lines are one of the most dangerous buried utilities because they’re fragile and can begin to leak with very minimal damage. If your home uses natural gas that is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, it can be challenging to identify a leak. Most gas is infused with a compound that emits a rotten egg or sulfur smell for easier identification. If your gas line becomes blocked by this damage, it’s critical that you shut this system off immediately and evacuate to prevent a buildup and possible fire.

Many homeowners may use the 811 services to locate public utility lines, but the pipe that runs from your meter to your home is considered private and cannot be found by this service. Empire Leak Detection provides customers with a precise and accurate way to find these private lines easily using ground penetrating radar (GPR) or electromagnetic (EM) locating. Don’t risk your home or loved ones by not taking the proper precautions before digging.

What Is Electromagnetic Locating & How Does It Work?

Electromagnetic (EM) locating is a non-invasive service that finds and marks underground utilities. This technique uses active and passive locating. Like GPR, this uses electromagnetic radio frequencies to locate subsurface utilities containing a conductive material. 

Gas lines are typically installed with a polyethylene or plastic pipe alongside a tracer wire to make the line locatable. If this is the case, our team can use the tracer wire box to create a current along the wire and locate the gas line. This is active locating.

Passive locating detects the electromagnetic field traveling along the utility that wasn’t applied by our team. This technique is less reliable than active locating as passive signals are more difficult to distinguish between various utilities.

GPR locating is severely affected by the conductivity of the ground, whether it’s concrete, clay, or sand. EM locating can work in nearly every condition making this the chosen technique during conditions like congested environments and inside buildings where the conditions are not ideal. This solution works best in depths of 10-15 feet. Once the line is found, we will mark it with paint, flags, or stakes to ensure that the location is precise and easy to understand. This allows your current project to be completed efficiently without risking damage or injury.

Empire Leak Detection is the team to trust when you need expert gas line location in Orangevale before a project. We have over 16 years of experience in the industry, helping our community stay safe while they improve their home or business.

You can reach us at (916) 318-5185 to speak to a member of our team today about our various locating techniques!

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